Armed With The Constitution is back

Armed With The Constitution demonstrates how two Jehovah’s Witnesses affected the US government, by describing how a black man, Rosco Jones, and a white woman, Grace Marsh, challenged the status quo in Alabama in the 1940s.

Facing The Lion:
Full Version

Facing the Lion is the autobiographical account of a young girl’s faith and courage.

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Reminiscences Towards A History Of Jehovah’s Witnesses In London: 1881 to 1977. Enjoy a trip down memory lane as brother Tony Byatt chronicles the modern day history of Jehovah’s Witnesses in London from 1881 to 1977. This book will not disappoint! A very interesting and compelling read for everyone both young and old. Click the book picture for a review

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NEW TESTAMENT METAPHORS, Illustrations in Word and Phrase, Anthony Byatt. Due to popular request we have reprinted New Testament Metaphors. Written by brother Anthony Byatt and includes a wealth of information for talks and studies alike. Excellent reference work and well recommended. Click picture of book for more information.  

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