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Only available while stocks last! Due to popular request we have reprinted New Testament Metaphors. Written by brother Anthony Byatt and includes a wealth of information for talks and studies alike.
Reminiscences Towards A History Of Jehovahs Witnesses In London
Hot off the Press! This book will not disappoint! A very interesting and compelling read for everyone both young and old. NOW HALF PRICE for the last few in stock!
Your Word Is Truth
Your Word Is Truth is a collection of fourteen essays written by individual Jehovah’s Witnesses from the U.K., U.S.A. and Norway.

Golden Age Books is CLOSING DOWN

We only have a few books left now most of which are ones that we have had printed and so we have now reduced the price of these books down to below the cost of printing to clear them.

Three of the books we have a lot of are New Testament Metaphors, Reminiscences Towards A History Of Jehovah’s Witnesses In London and Your Word is Truth were all publications by the author Tony Byatt, founder of Golden Age Books many years ago and former CO. These are all hardback books of good quality and worth much more than we are charging but they are certainly worth reading and studying as they add much to our knowledge.

We have put some extracts of these books on this website so you can see something of what they have to offer.


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