New Testament Metaphors, Illustrations In Word And Phrase

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A discussion of 240 illustrations, metaphors and similes. Anthony Byatt

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Written by brother Anthony Byatt
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7+322 pages, 21.5×14.5cm Large Hardback.

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New Testament Metaphors discusses the meaning of 240 of the most interesting illustrations, metaphors and similes found in just a single word or phrase. Written for the ordinary Christian in a lucid and graphic style, its thirteen chapters cover most aspects of Bible life – Agriculture, Animals, Buildings, the Games, the Human Body and Relationships, Legal, Military and Nautical subjects, Nature and Creation, Religious Life and Trade.

Why did Jesus use the illustrations of the yoke, the millstone, the camel and the needle, ploughing and reaping, trees, fruit, win and salt? How can you be stumbled, follow the narrow path, use a metal mirror or mend a joint? What is pictured by the eye and the ear, the actor and the chorus, beggars, robbers, armour and treasure, the hallmark and the deposit? How can your faith move mountains, steer a ship, follow footsteps or buy out time? What does it mean to miss the mark, be a pedagogue, forgive seventy-seven times, or be tested in the fire? These and many more are discussed, using 200 different Greek words, and more than 1,200 Scriptures from 72 Bible translations.

Gathered together for the first time, this book provides many new insights, with spiritual applications, notes and references for the scholar, selected bibliography and four detailed indexes. Ideal for research and added information to add colour, depth, background and interest to talks and for personal study too.

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