21st Century New Testament

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The Literal and Free Dual Translation compared in two columns on one page.

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Capel,V. 21st CENTURY NEW TESTAMENT The Literal/Free Dual Translation

1998, Insight Press, Bristol, England, 491 pages in two columns, paperback, 21 x 14.5cm.

This unique translation has been produced to give students and all lovers of God’s word a more accurate literal account of the ancient texts, with an accompanying easy-to-read free rendering in the modern idiom. This enables a study of the literal meanings of the original text to be combined with a reading in modern English.

Two columns of text give the reader a parallel view of the literal translation on one side and a free translation of the same verse on the other side.

In the literal translation the aim has been to adhere to the original text as closely as possible, and in particular, to preserve the mood, tense, voice and intensity of verbal forms, as well as conveying shades of meaning of other words that are often lost. Displayed on the left hand column on each page, this features the divine name rendered as [YHVH].

In parallel, the idiomatic, free rendering in the right hand column provides a translation which, while maintaining accuracy as far as possible, has not been inhibited by the fear of straying from the original form and wording – as that is available alongside for the reader to compare. Here ‘Jehovah’ is used for occurrences of the divine name.

Includes 41 pages of Translation Notes.

Comment from one of our customers:
“I and many of my friends have thoroughly enjoyed [Vivian Capel’s] translation which contains many gems thus expanding our understanding of many texts”.

Following brother Vivian Capel’s sudden and sad death we purchased the remaining stocks of his excellent translation and are offering them at a considerably reduced price. these are last copies left to be printed and will not be printed again so at this price its worth taking advantage of a bargain.

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