A Translation of The New Testament

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from the Original Greek, Humbly Attempted, Nathaniel Scarlett РHardback

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2003 reprint of 1798 edition.

Johnson Graphics. 12+484+6 pages. Engraved Frontispiece title, 3 plates, folding table, some footnotes.

Distinguished for its naming of the speakers where direct speech is involved, following Shakespeare’s style. Scarlett was influenced by both Universalists and Baptists. He purchased James Creighton’s New Testament translation, and revised it with the help of William Vidler and John Cue. He uses ‘immerse’ for ‘baptize’ as in John 1:28, 31,33,34. He uses ‘happy’ for the Beatitudes, and Hades and Gehenna. For Matt.24:3 he has “consummation of the age.” But the translation is still based upon the Authorised Version overall. In its original edition of 1798 (8vo and pocket), it is very rare. This edition is bound in red cloth, with gilt title on spine. Picture shows frontispiece page.

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