After The Flood by Bill Cooper


The early post-flood history of Europe traced back to Noah

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The Early post-Flood History of Europe, 1995, 256pp. pb, many genealogies, 4 sketch maps, 11 figures, bibliography.  Shows the Table of Nations in Genesis 10 to be entirely historical.

Three appendices give the names of all Shem, Ham and Japheth’s families, agreeing with the Insight volumes’ details, but with extra sources, and tracing names right down to the present, such as the Ionian Sea, the Dardanelles, Hellenic, Ashkenazim Jews, Tbilisi etc.

Especially follows Japheth, tracing early British, Anglo-Saxon, Caltic, Danish and Norwegian Kings,  Key to British history is the exile of Brutus from Italy, finally landing with his followers in Britain in C.11th  BCE.

Take ch.10,11 and 13 with a pinch of salt, but some v/interesting evidence overall, and excellent for those who dismiss the first 11 chapters of Genesis as myth.

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