Alleged Discrepancies Of The Bible


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In this fascinating study, John Haley removes the mystery surrounding misunderstood passages and supposed contradictions found in the Bible. Confusing scriptural texts are explained, and answers to the skeptic’s toughest questions are answered in an understandable and straightforward manner. No longer do you need to fear situations in which family or friends challenge your faith by bringing up what they say is an obvious discrepancy in the Bible. Empowered with the insights found in this book, you can confidently and convincingly answer their questions as you share the truth of God’s Word. Explore doctrinal, ethical, and historical discrepancies as the author presents compelling examinations of issues such as mankind’s relation to the present and future, the duty of man to God, and misconstrued names, dates, and places. With a complete bibliographical appendix, an index to all Scripture citations, and a general topical index, this book is sure to be a volume you’ll keep close at hand as you study God’s Word.

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