Figures Of Speech Used In The Bible By E.W. Bullinger


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The opening sentence of the introduction to this book says “Jehovah has been pleased to give us the revelation of His mind and will in words”

The Bible is full of figures of speech, we know about a few of these, metaphor, allegory and hyperbole for example, but how about hendiadys and synecdoche. A new avenue of study opns up with this book!

A couple of examples illustrate the need to understand figures of speech; we might say the ,”the groundneeds rain” a straight forward statement; but if we say “the ground is thirsty,” we use a figure of speech. It is not true tto fact therefore it must be a figure of speech.

If you were to say “how do you do” in english everyone would understand what you were saying, but if you translated that into French or German, there would be a problem of understanding. That illustrates how sometimes a translation of Greek words or thoughts into English can seem strange.

There is a useful scripture index at the back of the book that is helpful if you come accross a difficult to understand scripture and wonder if a figure of speech has been used.

Sometimes we can miss things in the scriptures if we do not grasp a hewbrew or greek figure of speech. A very interesting read which you will find hard to put down. (however just remember on thing that the Jews in the first century, understood greek and probably some of the figures of speech Jesus spoke but still did not get the truth) The Bible is still the most interesting and fascinating book of all time!

In this resource, Bullinger describes 217 distinct Scripture figures of speech, defined as a word or sentence in a peculiar form, different from its original or simplest meaning or use. Each figure includes the pronunciation and etymology, as well as passages of Scripture in which it appears, and a full explanation. Nearly 8,000 passages are cited and seven helpful indexes and five appendices are included as well.

E. W. Bullinger (1837-1913)
Format: Hardcover
Number of Pages: 1104

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