Frozen In Time, The Woolly Mammoth, The Ice Age, And The Bible

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2004 Green Forest, Master Books. Large paperback, 217 pages, many illustrations, charts and maps. Good bibliography.

Meteorologist Michael Oard has studied the now extinct woolly mammoth and the Ice Age for many years. In Frozen in Time he addresses some of these questions:

What would cause the summer temperature of the northern United States and Europe to plummet more than 50 degrees Fahrenheit?

Why did mammoths become extinct across the entire earth at the same time as many other large mammals?

How could these carcasses still have partially decayed food in the stomachs?

How could large lakes exist in what are today very dry, desert-like places?

What was the source of the abnormal amount of moisture necessary for heavy snow?

What caused the cold summer temperatures and heavy snowfall to persist for hundreds of years?

See Awake! 22 June 1963 pages 8-11 for the thinking of Jehovah’s Witnesses on this subject in principle.

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