Hallmarks of Design Evidence of Design In The Natural World


Burgess, S.

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2008 enlarged reprint, Day One Publications, paperback, 240 pages, figures/tables, index.

The Bristol University Lecturer in Engineering Design presents compelling evidence for design, from the knee joint’s irreducible mechanism, bird flight, earth’s ecosystem and much more.

There is a chapter on seven literal days of creation, but the balance of the book contains some fine scientific information.

Providing evidence for the thesis that design in nature reveals a Designer, Hallmarks of Design presents six clear hallmarks of design, over 30 diagrams, a description of how the earth is designed for man, and a description of the Creator’s attributes. Learn how the irreducible knee joint, the irreducible flight mechanisms of birds, the irreducible earth ecosystem, complete optimum design, peacock tails, birdsongs, the design and beauty of man, and other elements of a world all give testimony to a creator. 230 indexed pages, softcover.

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