Hamilton,Struan Letter From Russia: Volume 1 – St Petersburg: The Early Years Bottom of Form


Humorous, exciting and upbuilding diaries of a Scot’s life in Russia

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2004 Russia, Nice Wee Books. Limp Linen pictorial covers, 10+224 pages 8 pages of colour photographs – small print, so plenty to read.

Written in Diary form from 12th July 1996 when Struan Hamilton arrived in Russia from Scotland. Everything is recorded – life in Russia in all aspects, from homes to shopping, the people, the problems, the advantages, the country, transport, recreation etc. A picture of congregation activity, showing the joys, hardships and problems there, the wonderful spiritual growth, the characters with whom Struan closely associated, and many excellent experiences, all woven into a story colloquially written, down to earth, humorous, piquant, stimulating, yet keeping spiritual things foremost.

Great light reading – we defy you to put it down!

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