Historical Reliability Of The Gospels, Blomberg,C.

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Can we trust the historical information in the Gospel accounts? What does current research tell us?

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Mention in 1996 WT Dec 15th Professor Craig Blomberg helps us to see how accurate the Gospels are.

1987, Inter-Varsity Press, paperback, 268 pages, footnotes.

In Historical Reliability of the Gospels, Blomberg describes developments of the past half century in Gospel criticism and discusses the problems associated with the miracle stories. He also examines alleged inconsistencies both within the synoptic Gospels and between them and the Gospel of John, and considers the historical testimony of extra-biblical sources.

Can we continue to trust the New Testament? In this revised edition, Craig Blomberg reveals the faulty analysis and presuppositions that have led to mistaken conclusions about the Gospels, providing scholarly criteria for judging these books and biblical answers to our hard questions. This new edition has been thoroughly updated in light of new developments with numerous additions to the footnotes and two added appendixes. Readers will find that over the past twenty years, the case for the historical trustworthiness of the Gospels has grown vastly stronger.

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