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The Reverse Interlinear for New Testament Word Studies, Mounce,William D.

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Zondervan, 2006

The Reverse Interlinear for New Testament Word Studies

Unlike other interlinears, Mounce uses the English text (New International Version) as the main text rather than the Greek, then underneath the Kohlenberger Greek text in English word order, then beneath this are initials showing the words’ grammatical structures. (For example, for ‘biblos’ n.nsf = noun/nominative/singular/feminine). Then the GK word number which ties into the Greek-English Dictionary at the end of the book, keyed to Goodrick-Kohlenberger, and also the Strong’s number at the end of each entry. This makes it easy to use without knowing Greek.

For example you can look up your scripture, pick the word you are interested in studying, see the exact Strongs reference number, so that when you look it up in W E Vines you know you have the correct word, then go to the back Greek-English Dictionary, find the Goodrick-Kohlenberger number, and there it is with further information, the transliteration, how many times this Greek word appears in the Bible, and if it is not too many it tells which scriptures too!

The Greek text is also in normal Greek order in a block at the foot of each page.

This makes studying Greek words much easier for most of us who are not Greek Scholars a good place to start and spark off further interest in the meaning of the Scriptures.

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