Jesus – God Or The Son Of God? Holt,G.


A fair and balanced demonstration of both sides of the controversy

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2002, Tellway Publishing, Juliet, Tennessee, 365 pages, softback, 23x15cm.

The belief that Jesus is God is a fundamental teaching for most Christians. Some religions though, attack this cherished doctrine and label it more philosophical than biblical. Do the scriptures show it to be a creation of men or a sound teaching firmly rooted in God’s Word? Author Brian Holt believes Jesus: God or the Son of God? A Comparison of the Arguments presents a fair and balanced demonstration of both sides of the controversy.

The book takes a unique approach in that it examines scriptural evidence rather than that based on history or philosophy. You will be exposed to both sides of the conflict as th author diligently gives fair representation to the oppositions’s arguments.

Discover the scripturally based answers to questions such as:
-Do the Gospels say Jesus is God?
-How did Jesus’ contemporaries understand his words?
-Do the Hebrew scriptures say Jesus is God?
-What is the foundation of the Trinity?
-Is Jesus the same person as the archangel Michael?

This book is a must for all who confess Jesus Christ as their saviour.

Brian Holt is one of Jehovah’s Witnesses and has been a student of the Bible for many years. He began this book as a pesonal study project to determine whether Jesus was the son of God or Almighty God Himself.

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