Josephus, The Works of Complete and Unabridged Translation

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by William Whiston. The best and most complete one-volume edition with modern numbering system for easy location of passages

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1987, Hendrickson, 926 pages plus 4 maps, hardback, 24x16cm. Translation by William Whiston.

The Writings of Josephus – the first-century Jewish historian – are indispensable to a proper understanding of Jewish thought, background, and history up to and around the time and Christ. This is the best and most complete one-volume edition of The Works of Josephus.

The Loeb numbering system (now the standard way to cite Josephus) has been added to make it easier to locate passages referred to in other reference works. Also, all citations and cross-references have been updated from roman numerals to the modern form of citation, and Greek words occurring in the text have been transliterated.

The complete text and notes of the four-volume set are included, and the indexes have been thoroughly corrected and expanded, including an index of parallel Bible texts.

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