Knocking A Documentary Film About Jehovah’s Witnesses (DVD)


2006, Open Door Publications/ITVS

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2006, Open Door Publications/ITVS, NTSC format, four-hour DVD (main film approx 1 hour in length, plus extra feature lectures/interviews of approx 3 hours) and pocket size 48-page booklet study guide with colour photographs.

Following two families who stand firm for their controversial and misunderstood faith, KNOCKING reveals how one religion helped to shape history beyond the doorstep. It discusses the Witnesses’ battles and victories in the fields of civil liberties, the holocaust and medicine. KNOCKING is an independent film production. It focuses on the “freedom” issues and has been seen by many, Witnesses and non-Witnesses alike, as a fair and accurate, yet moving, portrayal of our faith.

The Watchtower Bible and Tract Society co-operated with the film’s producers, providing them with archival material, granting interviews and permitting their cameras access to Watchtower’s headquarters. KNOCKING’s camera crews were also allowed to film at a district convention of Jehovah’s Witnesses, inside local Kingdom Halls and accompany Witnesses in the door-to-door work.

Watchtower had no editorial control over the program, but the producers provided an advance courtesy screening of the completed film. It is now being shown in cinemas across the USA.

The three-hour lecture section and other extras include the best 30 minutes (approx) ever recorded from Dr Christine King on the holocaust. The American Civil Liberties Union’s former Legal Director is also excellent, as is the elder who is the Watchtower Society’s legal counsel, and Gene Smalley, longstanding in the Brooklyn Writing Department. The accompanying colour booklet is also very well put together and contains a wealth of information, with highlighting many of the individuals interviewed and featured in the lectures and film.

This is a very useful documentary to show interested persons and unbelieving relatives.

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