Last Thoughts On The Trinity By John Milton


Milton gives us many fresh ways of using these Scriptures

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John Milton (1608-1674). Last Thoughts on the Trinity.
1828, Golden Age Books Re-print, 10+92pp. small 16mo Paperback.

The Introduction explains that the famous poet only draws his ideas from Scripture (in his major treatise on Christian Doctrine using some 9,000 Bible quotations).

Then follows a sl.

edited form of his two chapters on Jesus Christ and the holy spirit, from his main work.

His reasoning is excellent, and gives us many fresh ways of using these Scriptures.

He roundly exposes the Trinity, and shows a deep knowledge of all its intricate reasoning, including the two so-called natures of Christ.

Reread the W/T article 07, 9/15, p11-13, telling how his
manuscript was lost for 150 years, then found and translated from Latin into
English by order of the King.

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