Matthew’s Bible, 1537 Edition



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The Matthews Bible has the name Jehovah 18 times!

Pastor John Rogers assembled in 1537 a volume that contained, for the first time as part of a complete Bible, all of William Tyndale’s translation work, the 1534 New Testament, the Pentateuch, and the nine historical books, ending with 2 Chronicles. Where there were gaps in Tyndale’s work, Rogers used that of Miles Coverdale (1535).

Archbishop Thomas Cranmer saw to it that the Matthew’s Bible was shown to King Henry VIII, who then licensed the complete Bible in English. Thomas Cromwell, Henry’s Viceregent for church affairs, subsequently encouraged bishops to order copies of the Matthew’s Bible for their churches. Such official sanction sparked tremendous demand for the book.


  • Facsimile of an excellent copy of the 1537 Matthew’s Bible
  • Features clear, legible type throughout (marginal commentary is in smaller type)
  • Authoritative new preface
  • Great for Bible collectors and anyone interested in the history of the English Bible

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