Multipurpose Tools For Bible Study, Danker,F.

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A comprehsive guide to sourcing and using basic Bible Study books

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Handy Reference
Introduction to deeper study methods

2003, Alban Books, revised and expanded edition, paperback, 344 pages, 23x15cm. Includes free CD-ROM.

An excellent textbook designed to aid students in the selection of basic resources for Bible study, directing them to useful and helpful books and at the same time providing some guidance in the use of such tools.

Multipurpose Tools for Bible Study reviews the scope and use of concordances, commentaries, original language texts, the Septuagint, lexicons, grammars, Bible dictionaries and versions, judaica, archaeology and the Dead Sea Scrolls.

The included CD-ROM is searchable and has functions for notetaking and bookmarking, and the ability to cut and paste to word processing files. It also includes additional weblinks and updated bibliographies. Minimum system requirements: Pentium 133MHz or faster (Pentium 300MHz recommended), CD-ROM drive, Windows 98 or later, 64MB (128MB recommended).

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