On The Reliability Of The Old Testament, Kitchen,K.A.

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A clear answer to those who question the historicity of the Bible

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2003, Eerdmans, 22+663 pages, including 37 tables, 50 Illustrations/maps/plans. Detailed notes and sources at the end, subject and Scripture indexes.

“Just the book I have wanted for years!” “A must-read for anyone interested in the questions of biblical truth.”

Professor Kitchen brings together all kinds of facts to establish the Hebrew Scriptures, from history, archaeology. artefacts, inscriptions, treaties, stela, monuments and languages. His experience as an Egyptologist, drawing on an unprecedented range of data from documents in ten ancient Near Eastern languages makes this work comprehensive and all-embracing, covering all seven periods from the Return from Exile back to Genesis.

He does not spare the higher critics of 150 years ago or the ‘minimalists’ of today who see the Bible as little more than pious fiction. Kitchen systematically shows up the many failures of favoured arguments against the Bible and marshals pertinent permanent evidence from antiquity’s inscriptions and artifacts to demonstrate the basic honesty of the Old Testament writers.

Concisely written, with obviously some problems on chronology, this is a solid defense of the Old Testament not for the faint-hearted student.

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