Reasonable Doubt Evolution Versus Modern Microbiology (DVD)


2007, Prism Multimedia. ~73 minutes

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2007, Prism Multimedia. 73 minutes.

As scientific knowledge grows exponentially, Darwin’s theory of evolution becomes more debatable and hotly contested by researchers on both sides of the growing scientific controversy.

Reasonable Doubt presents a logical rendition of some of the fundamental problems evolution theory faces in the light of modern scientific knowledge with easy to understand explanations, animations, interviews and logical illustrations. This thought compelling and no-punches-pulled DVD illustrates dissenting scientific issues in the fields of microbiology, physics, cosmology, and statistical probability.

Every intellectually honest student of life needs to watch this DVD! This is not a Creation or Intelligent Design presentation and it does not argue for any particular alternative theory to evolution – just the cold, hard facts regarding the scientific shortcomings of evolution – but some different theory is clearly called for in lilght of modern science as illustrated in Reasonable Doubt: Evolution Versus Modern Microbiology. Brought tio life by computer animations, graphics and point-by-point review, Reasonable Doubt provides sound, authoritative discussion of the relevant science and logic in an interesting and entertaining way that all can understand (14 years and older) and appreciate.

The graphics are basic but do the job. There is a glaring error regarding the speed of light and, we feel, the 2-3 minutes on this subject were a little suspect. However, overall, it is full of good points which are well made.

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