Strongs Exhaustive Concordance Of The Bible

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(Authorised Version) Strong,J.

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Handy reference

Hendrickson, 1340 pages plus 128-page Hebrew/Chaldee and 79-page Greek dictionaries, 28×21.5cm.

A monumental reference work containing the location of every word in the King James Version, as well as noting the Greek and Hebrew words underlying the translation.

  • Allows the reader to easily find all biblical occurrences of a word.
  • Complete with Hebrew and Greek dictionaries at the back of this volume, organized by the Strong’s number, giving brief lexical definitions of each original word.
  • The Strong’s numbering system is used and cross-referenced in many of the new study tools of today.
  • Complete in one large sturdy and deluxe volume.

This concordance contains a cross referencing index of a Greek and Hebrew dictionary of the New Testament for the scholars, which is of a tremendous value in extending our understanding of the complex meanings allied to many Greek words which can express many things at the same time. The main concordance is a comprehensive listing of the words of the bible in order of the Canonical Books therein (no apocryphal books). There is also an index of some common words like His, Their and And.

Also included is a key word comparison chart for six Bible translations. The words of Jesus are shown in red.

Every theocratic library should have one.


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