The Girl With The Purple Triangle (DVD)


2003, Drei Linden, 49 minute documentary, English language edition

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2003, Drei Linden, 49 minute documentary, English language edition.

This film re-enacts the scene by taking the viewer back to 1944 and the Stutthof concentration camp – 18-year-old Hermi and several other women are forced upon arrival to stand in the heat of the sun for long hours, facing the foreboding blank wall of their barrack. That was Hermi’s introduction to a seemingly endless ordeal of insults, degradation and deprivation.

Portrayed as a drama with narration by Hermi, translated by an interpreter into English. Hermi’s story is also now available in book form, in her new autobiography Unfettered Joy.

“Faith gave the Jehovah’s Witnesses incredible strength, an during the years spent in the concentration campt they proved that death held no terror for them, that they could suffer the unspeakable in the name of Jehovah without weakening.” -Margarethe Buber-Neumann, writer, survivor of Ravensbruck

DVD PAL (Region 2): compatible with players in Europe, Greenland, Japan, South Africa and parts of the Middle East.

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