The International Standard Bible Encyclopedia

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4 Vols. Edited By Geoffrey W. Bromiley

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This set contains over 9,000 topics and 3,500 cross-references, including an article on every name of a person or place mentioned in the Bible. It also examines major Bible doctrines and gives opposing articles on controversial topics to ensure a rounded explanation and description.

Hundreds of evangelical contributors from many fields of biblical research make this encyclopedia a well-rounded resource. The Dead Sea Scrolls, the Apocrypha and other extrabiblical resources are utilized and explained.

This work is based on the Revised Standard Version, however the distinctive readings of the AV and the NEB are included usually as cross-references.

ISBE is also an exegetical tool because it provides a brief discussion of problem texts under the English keywords and guides the exegete to more information that is found in other scholarly resources.

Each entry provides a maximum amount of information in compact form, including pronunciation, etymology, and variant renderings. This is a must have for any biblical scholar.

Format: Hardcover
Number of Pages: 4452

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