The Lord And The Tetragrammaton


2009 3rd Ed, Mazzaferro, Howard

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Mazzaferro, Howard. The Lord and the Tetragrammaton, 2009, 3rd ed.
large 8vo pb. 9+333pp. 3 plates, many charts.  Backing up the NWT’s
237 uses of Jehovah in the Chr.Gr.S, but is not a JW.   Discusses all 84
direct quotations in detail, with an excellent format for comparing LXX,
Heb. & N.T., simply, to see how much of the quote comes from each.  Much on
the Mss, church fathers, and Lynn Lundquist’s arguments, with an expert
exposure of his fabricated argument about 1 Peter 3:15.  Chart on number of
times name ‘Jesus’ used in 16 Bibles, as many as 1,846 times in NCV, when
Greek only has 917 refs.

No Ms authority for rest, so why attack NWT using
Jehovah 237 t. with good reason; discussing all LXX Mss using archaic forms
of YHWH?   Explains how Jews burned books of ‘Minim’ (incl. gospels) but cut
out YHWH first.  In C 2nd Emperor Hadrian’s putting down Jews’ revolt under
Bar Kokhba, meant apostate Christians distanced themselves from Jews,
probably then. cutting out Jehovah’s name from NT, before earliest extant
Mss c.200 CE.  Excellent defense.

Publishers write up
When our New Testament portion of the Bible was being written by men such as Matthew, Mark, Luke, and others, they quoted from the Hebrew Scriptures hundreds of times in their writings. Many of these quotations include places where the Tetragrammaton occurred. One would think that when these NT (New Testament) writers quoted from the Old Testament that they would have quoted all the words from the Sacred Scriptures including Godís personal name.

If they did this, our New Testament Scriptures would contain the Tetragrammaton. However, this has not currently been the case. No New Testament manuscript copies we have today include the Tetragrammaton. We have a mystery here. The mystery is that Godís personal name appears in Old Testament verses thousands of times, then years later, these same verses in the New Testament mysteriously no longer contain Godís personal name. Something Happened! The Lord and the Tetragrammaton will help solve this mystery.

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