The Modern Language Bible

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The New Berkeley Version, Paperback, Verkuyl,G. Ed.

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2005 reprint, Hendrickson. Paperback, 9+994+291 pages, many footnotes.

Revised Edition of the Berkeley Version.

This is a new paperback edition of the Berkeley Version of the Bible (first issued in both Testaments in 1959), revised and renamed The Modern Language Bible in 1969. It is not a Masoretic-Received Text translation, although it is more conservative than many other modern translations. It is not suggested as anyone’s primary Bible version, but it has certain strengths which Bible students frequently find very helpful. It is a formal equivalence translation and avoids paraphrasing. Most significantly, it very often offers a rendering which enables the reader to see the text in a fresh light.

Uses Jehovah at Ex.3:15, 6:3, Ps. 8:1,9, Isa. 12:2.

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