Theological Lexicon of the Old Testament


Author: Ernst Jenni & Clause Westermann

3 Volumes

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An indispensable and incomparable reference work, the Theological Lexicon of the Old Testament—newly translated from the original German edition—makes a wealth of theological insight accessible for the first time in English. In these volumes, outstanding scholars provide in-depth and wide-ranging investigations of the historical, semantic, and theological meanings of Old Testament concepts. This reference work serves a wide audience, from professors and researches to pastors and students of the Bible.

Whereas traditional lexicons do little more than offer possible translations in the light of etymological and grammatical evidence, the Theological Lexicon of the Old Testament goes further, evaluating each term’s theological relevance by clearly describing its actual usage in the language. In the process, it makes available to readers many form- and tradition-critical insights which—until now—have been buried in scattered commentaries, monographs, Old Testament theologies, and journal articles. Thus, the individual articles in this lexicon serve as concise, well-structured histories of research, which contain conclusions, comprehensive discussions of controversies, and references to the most important literature in several related disciplines.

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