Theological Wordbook Of The Old Testament


Harris R.L. Et Al. Ed.

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1980 Moody Publishers. NEW 1-Volume edition on thin Bible paper, quarto, 1124 pages in 2 columns.

The Theological Wordbook of the Old Testament provides a detailed discussion of all important words, grouped according to Hebrew root words. In Hebrew alphabetical order, but a number finding list at the end is keyed to Strong’s Concordance. (Colloquially known as TWOT).

Keyed to Strongs Concodance

The best way to use this book because of the difficulty of reading Hebrew is to use a Strong’s Exhaustive concordance  For example if you look for the word ‘Discipline’ in Strong’s the number is 4148 you can then also see in Strong’s which verses in the bible use that Hebrew term and then you can turn to The Theological Wordbook of the Old Testament index and see their number for the same Hebrew word listed as number 877b look that up and read the definition and background. It will open up new understanding and help with your bible study.

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