Word Pictures In The New Testament Concise Edition


A. T. Robertson

Explains all the key words of every verse, in one concise and abridged volume.

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Handy reference
Good resource for talk preparation
Concise Edition in one volume, edited by James A Swanson. 2000, 704 pages, hardback, 23.5x16cm.

A.T. Robertson is a world-renowned authority on the Greek New Testament. For more than seventy years, the original six-volume set Word Pictures in the New Testament has been an indispensable resource for anyone interested in getting a clearer and more complete understanding of Christian Greek Scripture words and phrases.

This edition takes a selection of the most essential entries from his original work for this convenient, one-volume abridgment.  Technical discussions of Greek grammar and syntax have been eliminated from this edition. No knowledge of Greek is necessary.

A really valuable resource for clearer understanding of connotations and nuances of Greek words and phrases, organised in Bible book, chapter and verse order.

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