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Farmer,S. & Webb,D.

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2000, Media Masters, softback, 196 pages, 23x18cm, full colour.

The long and widely accepted notion that donated blood is the “gift of life” has been thrust under the microscope. Scientific scrutiny is proving quite conclusively that the old notion is deeply flawed. Indeed, all too often, the “gift of life” has become the “bringer of death”.

Trail-blazing leaders of “bloodless” or “transfusion-free” medicine and surgery are taking definitive steps to replace time-worn medical treatments with safer approaches based on the ever evolving scientific evidence.

This book traces the manipulation of blood through medical history; describes how science and medicine continue to discover unwelcome truths about transfused blood and its effect on the immune system; examines the growing list of know viral, parasitic and bacterial diseases; reveals the stunning fact that the historically assumed efficacy of blood transfusion has never been established scientifically; explains the rapid growth of “bloodless” medicine around the world; takes the reader step by step through the growing acceptance and application of bloodless surgery techniques and procedures; tells how minimal use of blood in surgery promotes faster healing and shorter hospital stays.

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